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CtW Engages 31 Issuers Over Anti-Competitive Employment Practices 

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CtW Urges Shareholders to Oppose Re-Election of Directors Gracias, Musk, and Murdoch

Investor Group Urges Tesla Board for Governance Reforms


CtW Urges Shareholders to Support Greater Board Diversity at Amazon

CtW Asks Amazon Board to Address its Lack of Diversity in its Senior Executive Ranks and Shortcomings in its Human Capital Management Policies


CtW Urges Shareholders to Oppose Re-Election of Directors McKinley, Templeton and Feidler 

CtW Urges Equifax Board on Governance Changes Following Cybersecurity Breach

CtW Calls on Credit Reporting Agencies to Assess Cybersecurity Risks



21st Century Fox

CtW urges FOX Board to make governance reforms following sexual harassment and discrimination crisis 

Fleetcor Technologies

Fleetcor has one of the worst pay-for-performance profiles in the Russell 3000

DaVita, Inc.

CtW Urges Shareholders of DaVita to Oppose the Re-election of Director Charles Berg

CtW Letter to DaVita, Inc. Compliance Committee Chairman


CtW Urges Amazon Board to Create a Stakeholder Advisory Council to Advise on Human Capital Management Issues


Shareholders Call for More Robust Clawback at Caterpillar

CtW Urges Shareholders to Oppose Re-Election of Directors Dickinson, Muilenburg, and Osborn and Support Clawback Proposal

CtW Urges Caterpillar Board to Establish Special Committee on Offshore Tax Structure and Other Reforms

Tiffany & Co.

CtW Urges Tiffany & Co. to Refresh Board Composition

Urban Outfitters

Vote Results at Urban Meeting Reveal Waning Confidence in Board

CtW Writes to Urban Outfitters’ Board

CtW Urges Shareholders to Oppose the Re-Election of Directors Strouse and Cherken

Universal Health Services

CtW Urges Shareholders to Withhold Support for the Re-election of Director Lawrence Gibbs

CtW Calls for Governance Reforms at UHS


CtW letter to Pershing Square concerning Chipotle


Activist Investor Challenges Executive Pay Accounting at T-Mobile

CtW Complaint to SEC Regarding T-Mobile’s Calculations of Performance Metrics for Executive Compensation

CtW Complaint to SEC Regarding T-Mobile Accounting Practices

CtW Asks Deutsche Telekom to Support Shareholder Proposal at T-Mobile Seeking to Strengthen  Executive Compensation Clawback Policy (May 2016)

CtW Calls on Banks to Re-Examine Employment Practices

Bank of America




US Bancorp

Wells Fargo

CtW Calls for Governance Reforms at Wells Fargo Following False Accounts Scandal

Tesla Motors

CtW Urges Tesla Board to Form a Special Committee to Review SolarCity Acquisition and Other Governance Reforms


CtW Asks Deutsche Telekom to Support Shareholder Proposal at T-Mobile Seeking to Strengthen Executive Compensation Clawback Policy

Nabors Industries

CtW Urges Shareholders to Withhold Support from All Nabors Directors

AvalonBay Communities

CtW Urges Shareholders to Vote Against the Re-elections of Directors Havner and Primis


CtW Asks Shareholders to Withhold Support from Netflix Directors Haley, Kilgore, and Mather

Discovery Communications:

CtW Urges a Withhold Vote Against Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee Members Gould and Robison

Chipotle Mexican Grill:


CtW Urges Shareholders to Oppose the Re-election of Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee Members Flynn and Friedman


Chipotle Shareholders Reject Overstuffed Pay

Leading Proxy Advisory Firm Recommends Against Chipotle’s CEO Pay

CtW Letter to Chipotle Shareholders Calling for Vote Against Say-on-Pay

Arcos Dorados Holdings:


CtW Urges Arcos Dorados Shareholders Withhold Votes from Directors Franqui and Hernandez-Artigas

CtW Investment Group Calls for SEC Investigation into Secretive Transactions by McDonald’s Largest Franchisee


CtW urges Arcos Dorados shareholders to withhold votes from CEO/ Chair Woods Staton.

CtW files a complaint requesting the NYSE to evaluate the suitability of Arcos Dorados’ listing

Allegiant Travel Co:

CtW urges board to refresh composition and establish a safety committee 

CtW asks shareholders to oppose three Audit Committee members for approving questionable related-party transactions

Ex-Massey Energy Directors:

CtW urges Barbara Judge’s resignation from current boards due to her failings at Massey:

Magna International
NV Bekaert SA
Lixil Group
Portmeirion Group PLC
UK Institute of Directors

CtW urges Richard Gabrys’ removal from public company boards due to his failings at Massey:

La-Z-Boy Inc.
TriMas Corp.
CMS Energy Corp.

Bank of America:

CtW Urges BofA Shareholders to Reject the Recombination of CEO/Chair

ITT Educational Services:

Votes at ITT Meeting Reveal Increasing Shareholder Discontent

Leading Proxy Adviser Recommends Shareholder Vote AGAINST the Re-election of Directors Lau and Odle

CtW urges ITT shareholders to oppose the re-election of directors Lau and Odle for oversight failures

Rite Aid:

Rite Aid Shareholders Vote to Take Wind Out of CEO’s Golden Parachute

Caterpillar, Inc:

CtW urges Caterpillar shareholders to vote against the “Say-on-Pay” proposal.

Wal-Mart, Inc:

CtW asks PCAOB to investigate Ernst & Young’s audit of Wal-Mart.

CtW urges Wal-Mart shareholders to oppose the “Say-on-Pay” proposal.

Universal Health Services:

CtW asks UHS board to address regulatory enforcement risks and associated liabilities.

Service Corp. International:

CtW urges shareholders to oppose the “Say-on-Pay” proposal at SCI.

Domino’s Pizza:

CtW welcomes leading proxy advisory firm recommendation against Domino’s say-on-pay.

CtW asks shareholders to vote against the “Say-on-Pay” proposal at Domino’s Pizza’s annual meeting on April 21, 2015.


CtW asks McDonald’s Japan board to appoint additional independent directors

CtW asks for board changes at McDonald’s

Walgreen Co.:

CtW letter to Walgreen shareholders urging support for proxy access proposal

Walgreen Boots Alliance Needs Strong, Independent Board Oversight to Navigate Substantial Challenges Ahead

CtW letter to Walgreen shareholders highlighting concerns with ISS report

CtW letter asking Walgreen board to postpone the Dec. 29th special meeting and disclose a succession plan

CtW letter to Walgreen shareholders recommending a vote AGAINST its acquisition of Alliance Boots at the December 29 special meeting.

Follow-up complaint regarding apparent violations of Regulation FD and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act by Walgreen Co.

CtW letter to Walgreen asking board to postpone deal until investigation of CFO allegations completed

CtW letter to Walgreen requesting details on Audit Committee’s role in overseeing the issuance of guidance

Complaint regarding apparent violations of Regulation FD by Walgreen Co. (exhibits available upon request)

CtW letter to Walgreen urging the board to rule out reincorporation overseas and to adopt proxy access

CtW Investment Group letter to Walgreen shareholders urging support for proxy access proposal


CtW Response to Wal-Mart Filing on 5-29-14

CtW Investment Group calls on Wal-Mart Shareholders to vote Against Say-on-Pay and Compensation Committee Chair Linda S. Wolf

The Wendy’s Company:

CtW Urges Wendy’s Shareholders to Withhold Votes from Director David Schwab II


CtW Urges McDonald’s Shareholders to vote Against Say-on-Pay


CtW urges Skechers shareholders to withhold votes against Directors Siskind and Rappaport

CtW asks Skechers to overhaul its board membership and increase diversity

Burger King Worldwide:

CtW Letter to Burger King Shareholders Urging Withhold Votes for Directors Behring and Sicupira and Vote Against Say-on-Pay

KKR Financial Holdings (KFN):

CtW Investment Group urges KFN shareholders to oppose takeover deal by KKR

Universal Health Services, Inc.:

CtW Investment Group calls on Universal Health Services board to improve its oversight of regulatory compliance

Domino’s Pizza:

Domino’s Board Faces Groundswell of Shareholder Discontent over CEO Pay and Compensation Committee Chair

CtW Investment Group welcomes leading proxy advisory firms’ recommendations against Domino’s Pizza’s Balson over CEO pay

CtW Investment Group letter to Domino’s Pizza shareholders urging votes against Compensation Committee Chair and Say-on-Pay

Starwood Property Trust:

CtW Investment Group letter to Starwood Property Trust shareholders urging votes against director Jeffrey Dishner and Compensation Committee Chair Richard Bronson

CEO to Worker Pay Ratio:

Securities and Exchange Commission requests investor comments on proposed CEO pay ratio rule

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